Mortgage Stable


Mortgage unchanged: holding the same share in the first years.

Mortgage Unchanged: Hold the same rate in your first 10 years of mortgages.



Mortgage Unchanged: Maintains the same rate in the first years. Forget the interest rate fluctuations, pay the same fee in the first 10 years, even though the Euribor has risen.



  • Term: 30 years.
  • Choosing a Pay Day: You choose what you need.
  • Initial and intermediate capital withdrawal: initially a one-year ban, and then another 2 installments, each 6 months, leaving at least one year between those two years.

Nominal rate of interest in the first 10 years: 1.85% • Euribor + 0.99% DEFAULT (*) • Variable UTB: 1.981% (**) • OPENING COMMISSION: 0.50%. The requirements for 0.99% from the eleventh year period are due to payday payments and have the following link to LABORAL Kutxa: * Nominated address and holder of a monthly Visa credit card. * Having a home-insurance contract with Caja Laboral Banca Seguros (OBSV). * Having a life-insurance contract with Caja Laboral Banca Seguros (OBSV) with a beneficiary with LABORAL KUTXA and the capital insured for death and absolute disability of 50% of the capital of the loan. * Make a net contribution of at least € 600 annually in a Pension Plan. (**) Variable UTB 1,981: It has been calculated to pay for a monthly loan of € 100,000 and monthly payments. Includes a life insurance contract; Death insured for death 50,000 euros for 30-year-old men (annual premium 93.62 euros). Multi-risk home insurance, with coverage: the owner’s capital is 100,000 euros and the content is 0 euros (annual premium 160,20 euros). In this calculation, the following are included: Tax on Documented Legal Acts (EJD) of an operation carried out in Guipúzcoa, amounting to € 0 (varies depending on the territory and certain personal situations), costs of 0 €, appraisal costs of 306.13 euros and 142.18 euros for administrative expenses. Mutual UTB 1,984, in the case of the previous case, not contracting any product, calculated as follows: for the first 10 years, a nominal interest rate of 1.85% and, after eleven years, the Euribor plus 1.40% differential. In calculating the variable UTB, the reference index has not been changed. Therefore, this variable UTB will change in interest rate reviews. The calculations were made with the Euribor rate of 0.109% published in the BOE in the 04-02-2019. Once the initial period of the fixed interest expires, the variable interest rate will be reviewed annually. This loan offers optional capital stock (the example has been calculated without loss). The offer will be effective on April 31, 2019 for the purchase of housing loans. The loan amount will not exceed a maximum of 70% of the home equity, if the sum of monthly income of the holders is at least € 2,500 after deducting the loan quota. The fee will be lower than 20% of the monthly income of the applicants. In order to receive funding, LABORAL Kutxa’s usual acceptance requirements must be met. The offer is valid for the Basque Autonomous Community.

Laboral Kutxa’s opinion

“The first years of the mortgages are the toughest way of organizing the best way to plan them. You will know exactly how much you will pay for the first year, regardless of the rate of interest and the evolution of the Euribor.”

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