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The music and film industries often intersect, with top talent lending their vocal skills to the soundtrack of big hit experience or small indie hits. However, there are many examples of musicians pushing their passion for Hollywood a step further and actually performing in a movie or TV show, flexing their acting skills.

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While the transition may not always be smooth, there are many instances where huge names in music have made a successful leap into the world of live action or animated entertainment. Whether it’s in a musical role or a complete break with the types of projects they usually work on, many singers have made their careers in film.

ten Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was the subject of awards season after her big role in A star is born. The film about a singer who becomes a star has been shot several times, usually with incredible talent like Barbra Streisand in the lead role.

Although this was not her first role on the big screen, the singer-turned-actress was in fact a supporting member of the Machete Kills actors, it’s fair to say that was his breakout performance. It is very likely that more film opportunities are on the horizon.

9 Beyonce

Beyoncé has made a few appearances on the big screen in the past. While some of his early theatrical releases were less than well received, including a minor role in The pink Panther and a leading role in Obsessed, it seems that she is finally conquering another industry.

Beyoncé put her acting skills to good use in the animated adventure Epic and disney The Lion King alongside a lead role in Dream girls. Lion King then lead to the exit of the exclusive Disney + Black is king which is an extremely well-received visual album, showcasing the musician’s diverse talents.

8 David Bowie

David Bowie has created a career out of the many characters she has portrayed in the movies. Former Ziggy Stardust put his entertainment skills to good use with an incredible performance in Labyrinth. Over the years, he has created a number of iconic roles on screen.

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With a stint in a Nolan blockbuster as Nicola Tesla in Prestige, as well as guest roles in cult hits such as Twin peaks, Bowie created a cinematic legacy that could only have endured if he had been able to complete his work on Disney’s Moana like Tamotoa’s original voice.

7 Whitney houston

After a fantastic musical career, Whitney Houston turned her talents to the world of theater. His performance in The bodyguard, which was in part based on a true story, catapulted Houston to a level of stardom she had never experienced before.

The iconic film even became a blockbuster theatrical production and saw it appear in other films such as The preacher’s wife and Waiting to expire, confirming its iconic place in the music and film industries.

6 Cardi B

Cardi B only recently became a huge hit in the music scene, but she’s just made her way into the movies as well. His performance in scammers has shown that the future is bright for this rap star.

With an upcoming role in the 9th installment of the Fast and furious franchise also, Cardi B clearly isn’t slowing down after gaining momentum from scammers.

5 Justin timberlake

Justin Timerblake was already a well-known star thanks to his role in NSYNC and his solo career in the music industry. However, after taking on comedy roles in films like Bad teacher and Friends with benefits, Timberlake is perhaps now a bigger star in the movie world.

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The singer-turned-actor began to build a solid filmography, with appearances in Dreamworks franchises such as Trolls and the Shrek franchise, alongside sci-fi and action roles like On time.

4 Will smith

Will Smith started out as Fresh Prince, using his rapping skills to become well known in the music industry. This developed in the sitcom known as The prince of Bel-Air where Smith really had his big chance.

After huge franchises like Men in black and Independence day Smith became a household name while continuing to cultivate his music career. He is now one of the highest paid actors in the world and we are talking about Fresh prince reunion on HBO Max.

3 Ice Cube

Ice Cube with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the Jump Street franchise

Ice Cube worked in the music industry for many years before moving to the movies, where he spends most of his time now. While he had roles in shows such as Are we already there who have become cult favorites, he really cemented his role as a comedic force with the Saut Street movie theater.

The actor is now carving out a career starring in other series such as Go along and with a slew of roles to come, it looks like Ice Cube is just starting to fully exercise his acting abilities.

2 Harry Styles

Harry Styles is still quite early in his musical career. After launching into fame with the British group One Direction, the young singer then turned to a solo career where he enjoyed critical and commercial success.

When the pop star was cast as Christopher Nolan Dunkirk many were confused by the choice. But after Styles’ fantastic performance, it is now rumored that he will appear in Faster, cheaper, better a science fiction adventure.

1 Rihanna

Rihanna has been in and out of the film industry for several years. While she was one of the best parts of the bad received Battleship she quickly became quite the name of the acting scene.

Action roles like 8 from the ocean, sci-fi performance like Valerian and artistic short films such as Guava Island have all demonstrated that the icon has what it takes to last in Hollywood. On the small screen, she appeared in Motel Bates.

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