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Bike Bazaar is pushing for democratized bike loans in a new campaign.

Bike Bazaar has announced the launch of its first branding campaign to help democratize two-wheeler ownership and bicycle lending for all Indians. “Bike loan by sabka haqq hai” is conceptualized by The Womb.

The film opens in a bicycle showroom where the protagonist is given the keys to his new bicycle by the seller. At this point, the protagonist is so overwhelmed that he collapses with unimaginable joy. This unusual expression of joy is explained by a voiceover “Ask those who have never had a bike loan”. Except us. Bike Bazaar offers you a bike loan without a bank check ”.

Srinivas Kantheti, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Bike Bazaar, said: “Bike Bazaar’s mission is to democratize bicycle lending for all Indians because we believe that everyone deserves a better life and opportunities for employment and should not be deprived of it due to lack of access to the organized financial credit system. The Womb’s ability to create distinctive and strategically relevant creative work is what drew us to them. We incorporated them early on to build our brand from scratch, including our brand architecture and the new identity. ”

Navin Talreja, Founding Partner of The Womb, said: “It was a very concise but stimulating presentation from the Bike Bazaar management team as they have accumulated over 100 years of experience in the two-segment segment. -wheels. During our months of in-depth research in the heart of the country, we found that everyone wanted a two-wheeler because it is the greatest driver of employability and progress in their lives, but it was difficult due to lack of access to credit / loan. With its promise of access to two-wheeler credit, without the need for a bank account, checkbook or NACH money order, Bike Bazaar lives up to its positioning “Bike loan by sabka haqq hai”. “

The brand’s film deals with various emotions and feelings linked to returning to your haven of peace, home …

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