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Today I am giving Tuesday Now, a Global Day of Philanthropy and Coordinated Unity as an emergency response to the need created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boston University, along with thousands of other nonprofits, is joining the effort and encouraging alumni and friends to support a BU cause of their choice. Giving Tuesday Now also offers an opportunity for the BU community to continue to come together in solidarity, if only virtually, using the hashtag #TerriersTogether.

“The entire BU community has been affected by this crisis in one way or another, from medical school students graduating early to help on the front lines, to engineers who come together to help improve ventilators or computer scientists helping create tests that protect privacy, ”says Scott Graham, executive director of BU’s annual donations. “In the meantime, the BU’s mission-oriented teaching and research continues, although the way it happens has been transformed. “

Donors looking to help can support a variety of funds, from those specifically related to coronavirus research and response to traditional funds for financial aid, athletics, and individual schools and colleges, which are all facing shortages in the pandemic.

Some examples of people and programs donors can support:

  • BU students facing unexpected difficulties, thanks to the Emergency Fund for Student Life
  • Scientists from the BU at the National Laboratories for Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • BU students who now need an additional scholarship due to the pandemic

In addition, alumni and friends are encouraged to send goodwill in a non-monetary way. On the BU’s Giving Tuesday Now webpage, they can:

  • Send a note of appreciation to alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of Boston University who work on the frontlines
  • Find and connect with other alumni in their area
  • Get information on how to support Boston Medical Center healthcare workers by donating PPE supplies

“This crisis shows how much leadership and expertise matter. Universities like ours are essential in finding a solution to this pandemic and preparing society for new challenges. We know our alumni are proud, and they’ve always stood up to help too, ”Graham said. “Even in the context of the current pandemic, the future is bright for BU and its students, and it is more important than ever to prepare for the long-term future.”

Join Giving Tuesday now here.

Julia Serazio is Director of Development Communication for the Development & Alumni Relations BU. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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