Can I insure my car at my French address?


Reader question: Can I insure a car in France using the address of my second home there? In addition, is it possible to insure month by month or should I insure for a full year?

In answer to your first question: yes, it is possible to insure a car at your French address, keep it in France and use it when you are there – in fact, that would be the norm.

However, if you exported the car from the UK, you must also have it registered with French license plates at the address of the second home. DVLA rules do not allow a car to remain with UK license plates after it has been out of the country for more than 12 months.

If you own a car that is kept in France, it must also be insured in France, although insurers in France do not insure a car registered in the UK.

Although the policy is annual, it will often be paid monthly.

French-speaking English-speaking insurance specialist Angéline Pequeno of Axa Insurance said: “The registration has to be French – since Brexit we do not insure any UK registered cars.

“We can use the address of the second home.

“It will be the address on the gray card and it must be the same.”

She added that one option for saving money outside of France is to temporarily reduce fire and theft guarantees, as opposed to comprehensive insurance.

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