City of San Jose approves gun control plan imposing fees on gun owners, liability insurance – NBC Bay Area


Weeks after a gunman killed nine people at a VTA yard, San Jose city council is taking action it hopes will help reduce gun violence and reduce costs to taxpayers.

He voted Tuesday to establish a yet-to-be determined gun owner’s fee to help cover the cost of police and ambulance responses to the shots and medical treatment.

According to the Pacific Institute on Research and Evaluation, the cost of gun violence in San José is $ 442 million per year.

The council also approved the requirement for gun owners to carry liability insurance.

Mayor Sam Liccardo says he knows the new rules won’t stop mass shootings, but he believes the safety rules will save lives.

“We live in a country with 4.6 million children who live in a house where the guns are not locked. There are a lot of things we can do to be safer, ”he said.

Violators of the new laws could have their weapons confiscated. The police chief said enforcement would be limited.

“In the course of our normal job, if we come across a gun, we will ask the owner if he has insurance,” said San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata. “We’re not going door to door inspecting guns to see if they have insurance.”

Not everyone can stand the rules.

“Compulsory liability insurance for firearms places a financial burden on a constitutional right,” someone said at the meeting.

Gun control advocates, however, applaud the effort.

“I want to thank Mayor Liccardo and the members of the board for being proactive in helping to create a safer San José,” someone said at the meeting.

The ordinance bylaw will return to city council in September for a final vote.

Legal challenges are expected.

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