Don’t Pass Legislation Creating More Predatory Lending in Illinois

If you think the ubiquitous lawyer ads you see in Illinois are an eyesore, prepare to see more if a bill passes the Illinois General Assembly and is signed by the Governor. JB Pritzker.

As someone who monitors the cost of insurance and worries about the factors driving up costs, I fear that a bill that passes through the House and the Senate will not be given proper consideration and has the potential to increase insurance costs for everyone.

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Senate Bill 1099 is being pushed by influential litigators who benefit from expensive lawsuit settlements. The bill would allow third-party investors to “lend” money to people who have been injured while they wait for their legal cases to progress through the court system. The “lenders” would be allowed to charge the injured 18% interest every six months for nearly four years.

It’s predatory. It should not be allowed to become law. The end result would be more abuse of personal injury litigation, driving up insurance costs for all of us.

James Coston, CEO, Corridor Rail Development Corp.

Transgender issues

Mona Charen’s March 25 column on issues around the treatment of transgender youth is the first thing I read on the issue that makes sense.

A child’s health should not be used as a “social justice” issue for either party. There shouldn’t even be any sides. I appreciate his thoughtful comments. It makes my head clearer.

Julia Smith, Chicago

pay to hit

Thank you so much for your editorial on CPS teachers who were not paid during the five-day illegal Chicago Teachers Union strike in January. “Illegal strike” says it all.

Beth Najberg, Chicago

Protect reproductive choice

This Women’s History Month, I remember the challenges that women continue to face and overcome. In 2021, the United States saw the most abortion restrictions enacted in a single year, and yet lawmakers and governors across the country continue to ban women’s bodies.

As a result, millions of women and girls will be at risk, without access to essential life-saving reproductive health services. While these politicians are not doing their job to protect their residents, our Governor of Illinois continues to fight for our rights and freedoms.

Fortunately, in 2019 Governor JB Pritzker signed the Reproductive Health Act into law, making safe and legal abortion a constitutional right in Illinois and empowering women to make their own health decisions. It couldn’t be more important with Roe vs. Wade on the line.

Thank goodness our governor has faith in women and has ensured that our reproductive rights are protected no matter what.

Laura Welch, President, Illinois NOW

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