Everything you need to know about the Indus Merchant Solutions app

Indus Merchant Services is a single destination that enables retailers, resellers and experts to conduct digital financial processes on a single network.

Any user of an IndusInd Bank current account can install the ‘Indus Merchant Solutions’ app anytime and use it anywhere. A non-customer can even create an existing account and register as a business almost instantly through a fully digitized procedure.

The standard user interface language of the Merchant Solutions app is English. The Bank created this platform with retailers and vendors in supermarkets, clothing stores, clinics, cafes and restaurants.

Key Benefits of Indus Merchant Solutions
The all-new platform allows merchants and retailers to do a variety of things, including:

One-stop payment solutions
Customers can make in-store payments using POS, QR scripts or remotely via PaybyLink.

Simplified pre-approved loans
With a paperless loan application and fast issuance, you can grow your business with just a few clicks and risk-free.

Open a dematerialized account
Your business will start faster with a digital DIY and an automated account opening procedure.

All-in-one app
Organize all your banking, loan and payment requirements.

Payments are settled automatically
Payment will automatically settle in your account the following morning.

Digital Ledger
Using a digital registry, you can easily manage your credit registry.

Product offers
A simple merchant account
The Merchant Basic account provides several cost-effective and convenient tools to help you meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Merchant account selected
The Merchant Select account combines scalability and simplicity to help businesses deliver more value.

Exclusive Merchant Account
Merchant Exclusive Account provides a comprehensive set of services and benefits to help businesses grow their production.

Pioneer Merchant Account
The Merchant Pioneer account offers businesses the best banking privileges and innovative solutions to help them increase their value.

Indus Merchant Payment Solutions
POS system (point of sale)

You can meet all your business demands with one-stop POS solutions. It is full of innovative features and eye-catching advertisements.

UPI QR/Bharat QR
Accept payments without having to use an actual card.

Gateway for payments
With IndusInd Bank’s online payment solutions, you can grow your business.

Industrial Pay
Buyers can pay you using your smartphone app.

Business loan facility
Loan for a small business
Get quick and easy access to capital with the bank’s small business financing.

Unsecured business loan
With an IndusInd Bank loan, you can get business capital quickly and easily.

Loans against credit card receipts
If you cannot acquire a regular loan, this is a possible option.

Working capital loan
Finance the day-to-day operations of your business as well as short-term needs.

Customers will be able to make fast cashless payments on their mobile phones using a variety of digital modalities. At the same time, merchants and resellers will be able to manage inventory using integrated dashboards.

They can also enroll in a unique point-of-sale (PoS) system to enable card transactions and qualify for the Bank’s small business financing completely digitally and seamlessly, without actually visiting a banking office. .

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