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Family Decals is located in National City inside a Price Breakers outlet located at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Plaza Boulevard.

The Indoor Bazaar offers spaces of varying sizes from which small businesses can sell their items at a discount, ranging from clothing and crystals to jewelry and medicine.

Tucked away in one of the corners is Family Stickers, a marketing store that creates logos, banners, signs, cards, flyers – everything a business needs to advertise.

The previous drawings are displayed on the wall behind the counter, which has been open for almost 20 years.

The first three months of the pandemic were tough as Price Breakers closed and Family Decals couldn’t open their store, according to owner Ana Rozo.

Many customers at the marketing store searched for products, so Rozo took home equipment to fulfill orders, like custom shirts in the family’s garage, and even started designing custom masks.

“As a business that helps other businesses,” Rozo said, “we stay busy.”

Once Price Breakers reopened, sales of Family Decals began to increase.

Rozo explained that when businesses reopened, many needed advertisements to attract customers. Family Decals had clients from all over San Diego.

Still, Rozo tried to drop a Paycheque Protection Program Loan request, but was not accepted into the program.

Despite the loan refusal, she said they were blessed because the family decals are a second income for her family.

She also thanked the people who continued to support the company during the pandemic.

This story is part of The Highland Avenue project and the Emerging Journalists for Democracy and Informed Citizens Fellowship Program.


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