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Insurance brokers and agents are industry professionals who act as intermediaries between policyholders and insurance companies. The most important difference between insurance brokers and insurance agents is who they represent. The insurance broker represents the policyholder. The broker can help a driver find the best auto insurance policy. The insurance agent represents one or more insurance companies. Insurance agents will try to sell their company’s policies to any potential clients.

Drivers who have not yet decided who to work with should consider the following regarding insurance brokers and agents:

  • Insurance broker. Brokers work for clients, not for insurers. Brokers can help drivers determine their own insurance needs and can help them when looking for a policy that can meet those needs. While some clients need brokers to find cheaper insurance policies, other clients have complex insurance needs and need help. Brokers can recommend insurance products to drivers that can help them save money on insurance. Drivers who have been involved in an accident can get help from the broker when making a claim. Brokers can help drivers handle the claim, organize paperwork, or manage the insurance company. Usually brokers work for small businesses that represent large insurance companies
  • Insurance agents. Usually, an insurance agent represents a single insurance company. An insurance agent serves as the link between policyholders and insurers. Some insurance companies have a business model of bringing together personal relationships between insurance agents and clients and they only sell policies through their insurance agents. Some insurance agents have the best interests and will help drivers compare insurance plans and find better deals. Other agents just want to sell policies that earn the highest commissions.

Drivers who choose to work with an insurance broker can benefit from the following benefits:

  • Honesty. Brokers are required by law to disclose commission rates, insurance policy terms and other items.
  • Better bonuses. In many cases, insurance brokers can access cheaper auto insurance premiums than ordinary people. Drivers working with a broker can save 10-15%.
  • Avoid complex policy comparisons. The comparison of insurance plans can be quite overwhelming for many. However, an insurance broker knows where to look and will help clients choose the best insurance plan.
  • The commission is included in the insurance premiums. Insurance brokers do not work for free and their commission is aggregated with the premiums of the clients.
  • Objective and neutral. Brokers are not biased towards any insurer. Their goal is to help clients find an insurance contract that matches their needs. Insurance brokers can personalize policies in an objective and neutral manner.

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