Five ‘Alongs’ arrested for making daily threats against company director

PETALING JAYA: Five illegal loan sharks or Ah Long who used violent tactics to extort money from a 46-year-old business executive were arrested by police on Wednesday.

The suspects, aged 18 to 24, were arrested during a raid on an apartment building in Kelana Jaya by PJ police at 4 p.m. following a police report filed by the victim around two months.

The suspects allegedly harassed the company director and his mother by throwing eggs at their house and making threats on a daily basis even after he had repaid the loan he had taken out in full with interest.

The director’s troubles began last December when he responded to ads on Facebook for loan offers allegedly made by an approved lender.

The man who was having financial problems with his business decided to take out loans from several loan sharks who had posted advertisements on the social media platform without realizing he was dealing with loan sharks.

ACP Police Chief Petaling Jaya Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid(pictures) said yesterday that the victim borrowed over RM96,000 and then repaid RM101,000 to the loan sharks to settle the loans.

However, he said the loan sharks started harassing him and demanded an additional RM72,000.

Mohd Fakhrudin said another loan shark came forward and claiming to be an approved lender, he offered the victim a loan to settle the RM72,000.

“Out of desperation and fear, the plaintiff accepted the offer and signed an agreement which required him to settle the loan with a sum of RM120,000. When he could not afford the repayments, the The loan shark sent his runners to the plaintiff’s mother where threats were made daily, he said.

Mohd Fakhrudin said police also seized several items related to the case and learned that the loan shark syndicate had been operating for more than three months.

He added that three of the five suspects arrested had criminal records.

The men are being held under a remand order for investigation.

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