Hold PDP responsible for any violation of law or order in Abia

By Okey Sampson, Umuahia

The Abia State branch of the Labor Party (LP) said it noted with shock and disappointment the growing wave of unprovoked political violence unleashed against its members by agents of the Abia State government. led by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) against its members and supporters.

In a statement signed by Njoku Jerry Ajike, Secretary of State for Publicity (LP), and Ferdinand Ekeoma, Spokesperson,
The Labor Party’s Alex Otti campaign organization has accused the PDP-led state government of deploying an “anachronistic strategy rooted in primitive violence and anti-democratic extremism” to threaten and attack its members.

“We clearly understand that the government’s intention is to instill fear and panic in the minds of our supporters and other opposition members ahead of the campaigns for the 2023 general election.

“In some cases, our members and supporters have been either threatened, attacked in their homes, expelled from meeting places or prevented from holding peaceful gatherings.”

The statement made it clear that Labor is a peaceful party made up of responsible, law-abiding citizens who wish to pursue their political ambitions with decency and decorum, free from violence and robbery.

The party said that as such, none of its members will intentionally engage in any acts that could undermine the peace of Abia State and endanger the life and property of Abians.

LP said that despite the peaceful disposition and dedication of its members in pursuing their political ambition in accordance with the provisions of the statutes of law and known democratic principles, that under no circumstances would it stand idly by and watch the Abia State government and the PDP “unleash their medieval brigands on our law-abiding members, supporters and even our innocent Abians”.

They noted with dismay that the PDP conspiracy has led the Abia State government to use bogus petitions to intimidate and illegally incarcerate their members, especially candidates whom they see as threats to their ambitions, adding that it was an impunity that they resolved to push back.

The statement read in part,
“The fact that the premature panic of the PDP-led government is creating a calamitous failure in the governance of Abia State, hence their fear of participating in a free and fair democratic contest which they know, would give Abian the opportunity to pass their PVC-induced guilty verdict on them.

“That the misdirected energy and misused resources deployed to hunt down, harass and humiliate innocent Abians who are on the verge of weeding out the PDP by 2023 should be channeled into reviving and repositioning our key institutions which are currently entrenched in a high proportion as a result of the directionless leadership of the current government.

“A state ravaged by insecurity to the point that its citizens of Umunneochi, Isuikwuato and surrounding areas cannot visit their homes or freely engage in business activities due to kidnapping should not have a government so negligent and callous as to abandon such challenges and resort to wasting public funds fighting imaginary political enemies, even after pocketing hundreds of millions of security votes every month.

“That the Labor Party, its leaders, its stakeholders and indeed its supporters across the country will no longer tolerate any violent attack from the PDP led government of Abia State. This statement serves as a final warning.”

LP said Abians deserved peace and all should work collectively to keep peace in the state for the sake of his people.

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