Hong Kong Security Bureau Highlights Criminal Responsibility After Anti-China Organization Decides To Disband


Hong Kong, Oct.3 (ANI / Xinhua): The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government Security Bureau said on Sunday that an organization and its members would remain criminally responsible for the offenses they committed, notwithstanding its dissolution or the resignation of its members. A spokesperson for the security bureau made the remarks in response to media inquiries about the decision of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, an anti-China organization, to disband on Sunday.

Hong Kong Police will make every effort to prosecute the legal responsibilities of any organization and person suspected of violating the Hong Kong National Security Law or other laws in Hong Kong, the spokesperson said. “We will conduct thorough investigations into local organizations that have received donations from foreign political organizations,” the spokesperson said, adding that the security office will ask them to provide information or take action. other necessary measures in accordance with the rules of implementation under the Hong Kong National Security Act and other relevant ordinances.

Hong Kong police will continue to pursue the legal responsibilities of organizations and individuals endangering national security in accordance with the law, to ensure that those affected are brought to justice, the spokesperson said. (ANI / Xinhua)

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