How to ensure car safety during festivals and choose the right supplemental insurance coverages

Even if you drive safely, there is no guarantee that there will not be an accident.

Festivals bring happiness as people meet extended family members during the holidays to celebrate together. For more fun, people also tend to spend more and prefer to use their own vehicle rather than public transport.

With people traveling more during festivals, what car safety measures can you take during the holiday season?

“Visiting family and friends during the holiday season is like driving a car. However, one should be more careful while driving during the festive seasons as the roads are mostly congested and people are always in a rush. Even a small mistake can lead to a serious accident. This is why it is important to adopt car safety measures, and the use of seat belts is the most crucial to minimize the effects of an accident. When driving during the holiday season, you should always take a portable fire extinguisher and first aid kit in your car. Keep your car windows closed when parking or on the go, and always choose a covered area to park. You should not drive drunk, but stay alert while driving. Therefore, by taking simple precautionary measures, you can keep your car safe and enjoy the happiness that festivals bring, ”said Rakesh Jain, CEO of Reliance General Insurance.

Even if you drive safely, there is no guarantee that there will not be an accident. It is therefore very important to make sure that you have proper auto insurance coverage.

Driving without car insurance? You could end up paying in crores!

With the right set of supplemental auto insurance coverages, you can easily avoid denial of auto insurance claims.

“A basic comprehensive auto insurance policy includes standard coverage and certain exclusions. Over the years, insurance companies have created many additional coverages to include the exclusions. To avoid denials due to exclusions, a smart customer today can purchase coverages such as zero depreciation coverage, which is the full replacement cost of the claim paid to an insured without deducting depreciation. due to the age of the car, coverage for consumables like filters / engine oils etc. tire covers, engine protection cover, etc. Jain said.

“Customers can also cover certain financial exposures such as loss of EMI while the car is being repaired, protection against non-compensation premiums, personal accidents, accidental hospitalizations, etc. Since supplemental covers provide additional coverage to an insured car, there is an additional cost. . Car insurance supplements offer attractive advantages to the policyholder. However, you have to decide which add-on will benefit you the most, ”he added.

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