Logan Laurice, Giancarllo Esposito and Mamdou Athie lend their voices to sci-fi podcast “The Oyster” which debuts today


Podcast Network, The Paragon Collective, today released the sci-fi podcast Oyster. Among the cast’s many loaned voices are Logan Browning (Dear White People), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) and Mamoudou Athie (Jurassic World). Browning will also be executive producer on the project with Alex Kline on behalf of The Paragon Collective. Alexander Aldea and Adrienne Schaffler created, wrote and produced the podcast.

In Oyster, the earth has become uninhabitable by 2050 due to massive carbon emissions. The government’s efforts to save the human race come in the form of a government-mandated microchip that is implanted in every citizen’s brain to facilitate migration to an underground shelter. The chip determines who gets a place underground or who is left above to die, while keeping track of each human’s usefulness to future society. By 2052, the government’s implementation of the chip will successfully wipe out 20 percent of the population – still not enough to sustain life underground. In response, the government is taking more drastic measures in an attempt to reduce emissions and resource use by creating “The Oyster” – software that only fills the user with pleasure and pure happiness. So what happens when reality fades to leave only The Oyster?

Also joining the cast are Carla Gugino (The Haunting of Bly Mansion), Keith David (The thing), Constance Zimmer (Card castle), Donnell Rawlings (Chapel Show) and Kenny Allen (Zane & Heath unfiltered). The first episode of The Oyster will air on November 13.

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