Man responsible for PC Yvonne Fletcher’s death avoids criminal prosecution

Matthew Jury, lawyer for Mr Murray and managing partner at McCue Jury & Partners, said: ‘Boris Johnson was himself one of the government ministers responsible for the decision not to use the evidence by the CPS when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“When he became Prime Minister, he promised Parliament that he would reverse his decision. Since then, he has passed the ball from junior minister to junior minister to block any further questioning. The only way to uncover the truth now is with an investigation into the remaining issues surrounding the death of Yvonne Fletcher, the cover-up, and government interference.

Sir Mike Penning, a prominent Tory MP and former police minister who campaigned for the killers of WPc Fletcher to be brought to justice, called on his successor to release the information.

He said: “All we’re asking is for the truth to come to light, surely natural justice demands that we have all the facts about the murder of Yvonne Fletcher.”

Mabrouk, a close Gaddafi ally, was arrested in connection with the shooting in 2015, but the case was dropped two years later. Mabrouk lived in Reading, Berkshire, but was later kicked out of the UK.

He now lives in Libya and although he denied any involvement in her death, he was not involved in the case at the High Court. He subsequently lost an appeal against the judgment which declared him jointly and severally liable.

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