New Insta-Client ™ Solution Offers SMBs A Simple, Frictionless Experience To Attract New Customers And Instantly Offer Credit Financing


PARC CITY, Utah, October 26, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Direct Performance Data (DPD), a leader in enhanced credit marketing, and PayPossible Inc., the turnkey point-of-sale (POS) financing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has announced today the launch of its new joint offer: Insta-Client ™. Intended to help SMEs grow their businesses quickly and compete with the “big guys”, Insta-Client offers businesses a revolutionary combination of targeted marketing coupled with flexible retail financing.

Until today, SMEs were limited to largely targeted advertising campaigns that did not answer the question: “Is this product ready for the consumer? and able to buy? ”Now they can compete on a level playing field. With Insta-Client, businesses of almost any size can invest in targeted advertising campaigns based on credit data. From digital to social in through direct mail, advertisers can ensure that every dollar invested reaches the people who are in the market and qualified credit. Best of all, when these consumers visit a website or walk in the door, businesses can quickly close the sale by providing them with instant financing options from a network of lenders.

“When customers can buy now, they buy more,” says Larry Crawford, CEO and co-founder of PayPossible. “This is why we are delighted to bring Insta-Client to the market. Especially now, companies are looking for a competitive advantage to keep growing. With this solution, we believe we’re opening the floodgates for SMBs to unlock the types of marketing and sales opportunities typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies. By delivering smarter, targeted campaigns and a frictionless digital finance option, businesses have the power to increase sales, improve cash flow and enhance the customer experience, ”adds Crawford.

The Insta-Client full-service solution supports the entire marketing tunnel, from prospecting to sales, helping companies to:

  • Launch, manage and optimize omnichannel marketing to attract new paying customers
  • Maximize the power of their current customer database for cross-sell, up-sell and retention efforts
  • Provide a flexible, easy and fast lending experience that covers the entire credit spectrum and offers an approval rate of over 80%

“Together, DPD and PayPossible are changing the entire marketing paradigm. We are thinking about how to help our clients close the deal before they have spent a single advertising dollar. You could say that we have reversed the conversion funnel ”, explains Steve Scruton, CEO of DPD. “For over 30 years, we’ve harnessed the power of data to help thousands of customers launch targeted campaigns. Now, by partnering with a lending platform like PayPossible, we are giving businesses the “easy button” to grow their business, ”says Scruton.

Providing flexible, frictionless credit and financing options for buyers across the credit spectrum is especially critical as consumer behaviors change. For example, nearly 63% of millennials don’t have a credit card. If businesses, from medical spas to local auto dealerships to fitness brands, want to reach and attract key audiences, delivering an experience that doesn’t leave buyers and their purchases abandoned.

Insta-Client is available today. To learn more about Insta-Client and how businesses can access the lending platform for free, visit

About Direct Performance Data Inc.
Direct Performance Data Inc. (DPD) is a leader in enhanced credit marketing. Today, DPD manages over 4,000 data-driven campaigns, helping clients better target prospects with the right offer by leveraging DPD’s unique and multi-source database and exclusive loan relationships. By partnering with DPD, companies can exceed their sales targets by delivering pre-qualified offers with 100% FCRA compliance. To find out more about DPD’s marketing solutions, visit

About PayPossible Inc.
PayPossible was designed to give all small and medium-sized businesses the ability to provide customers with point-of-sale financing options. Our multi-lender financing platform covers the entire credit spectrum, giving all customers the ability to quickly check and explore the financing options available to help them complete their purchase. Our mission is to give business owners the tools they need to thrive. When businesses create jobs, they grow the economy and keep the communities we call home vibrant and prosperous. To learn more about PayPossible, visit

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InstaClient helps business owners attract customers through omnichannel marketing and provide point-of-sale financing options.
InstaClient helps business owners attract customers through omnichannel marketing and provide point-of-sale financing options.

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