Saint-Louis Cardinals are the betting site’s biggest liability for the World Series


ST. LOUIS – Now that the Cardinals’ winning streak is over, gaming experts are taking stock of how the hottest team in baseball could behave in the playoffs.

According to FOX BET, Thursday night the Cardinals have +2200 to win the World Series, which means if you bet $ 10 you would get back $ 230 if St. Louis goes all the way. The Red Sox have the same chances. Who is the favorite, according to FOX Bet? The Dodgers at +320 (bet $ 10, get $ 42).

FanDuel tells FOX2 that the Cardinals are the company’s biggest liability in the World Series winner market, with the biggest bet being $ 1,600 @ +3,000. By number of bets (percentage of total tickets), the Cardinals are in the top three FanDuel teams in terms of number of bets in the World Series market, along with the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees. But the most money on FanDuel is put on the Yankees, White Sox and Dodgers.

“The Giants are the worst result for us in the World Series market, but the Cardinals have also gotten pretty bad,” Chris Bennett, head of sports betting for Circa Sports, told “They’re probably about as bad. San Francisco exceeded expectations from the start, and St. Louis just continued that insane winning streak. The Cardinals had a really long odds three weeks ago, and now they’re in the playoffs.

Bennett said some of his clients had placed “obscene good bets” on the Cardinals.

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