Sound Off for March 20


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Car insurance cameras are worth it

There’s a problem with tying auto insurance to the ability to get a tag. People just buy the minimum required insurance, get the tag, and then cancel the insurance. Cameras matching cars and drivers with the current insurance database are a great idea. I don’t care if the camera company gets a cut. Anything that is legal to reduce the number of uninsured motorists is worth doing.

Courthouse Road Green Space

Courthouse Road green space is terrible. I don’t think it has been cut since it was rebuilt. Why try to make a beautiful road if you’re not going to keep it beautiful? If my yard looks like this, I’ll be getting letters from the city.

Ocean Springs Traffic Cameras

Do you really think you’ll save money on uninsured motorist insurance? Try to buy just an uninsured motorist. If you file an uninsured motorist claim, he will pay the difference between your collision deductible ($500) and the uninsured motorist deductible ($200). It will then appear as if you destroyed your car and your bounty would reflect that. How about no liability and you insure your own vehicle? You could save a lot more money.

Is the department losing money?

Aren’t we required by law to update title deeds when an owner dies? I just scrolled through the map of properties in Hancock County and noticed that an abundance of properties still reflect the name of an owner who has been dead for years. Could the deceased owner be over 65 or disabled? This would mean a lower property tax bill, and descendants don’t want to pay higher tax since they don’t qualify for a special exemption on their own. The department has been losing money for years.

Car insurance cameras

Application is the key. A few years ago I was run over by a driver without proof of insurance. The driver told the investigator that he had insurance but did not have the document on him at the time. The officer gave the other driver until the following Monday (the accident occurred over the weekend) to provide proof of insurance. I followed up with the agent with two phone calls to see if proof was provided. It was not. When I pushed the officer to give the individual a ticket, he refused to issue a ticket and told me that if I wanted to pursue the matter, I could take legal action myself. That being said, I think the cameras should also check for missing and expired tags.

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