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The best and worst cities to drive an electric vehicle in 2022 have been named in exclusive research by Forbes Advisor – and it looks like drivers in Sunderland will have a much easier experience than those in Portsmouth.

As electric vehicles grow in popularity (nearly 750,000 new electric vehicles will be registered in 2021, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders), we’ve used four ‘electric vehicle metrics’ to find out which cities in the UK are the best and worst electric car drivers.

We watched :

  • cost of charging an electric vehicle at home (using regional data on the average cost of electricity per kWh from the Ministry of Business, Energy and Industry)
  • number of standard EV charging stations per 100,000 people (government data)
  • number of fast EV charging points per 100,000 people (government data)
  • number of fast charging stations per EV registered in the area (government data).

Scoring 20 of the UK’s most populous cities against each metric, we gave each an overall “EV accessibility score” out of 80 to arrive at a top 10 best and worst.

Sunderland was crowned the best city to drive an electric vehicle, scoring 68 out of 80 points, while London came in seventh place with 49.

The full index of 20 cities can be viewed below.

VE – Answers to your questions

The auto insurance experts at Forbes Advisor have answered some common questions potential buyers ask when it comes to buying and insuring an electric vehicle…

  • Does an electric vehicle cost more to insure?

Electric vehicles may attract higher insurance premiums due to the higher cost of replacement parts and skilled labor, and they may belong to higher car insurance groups than ICE vehicles ( internal combustion engine) comparable. But any price gap is expected to narrow as electric vehicles become more common on UK roads.

  • Are the battery and charging equipment covered?

Yes, it is possible to insure your battery and charging equipment. Many insurers include coverage for the battery whether you own it or rent it.

  • What happens if the battery is flat on the road?

This concern has been called “range anxiety” and is common among electric vehicle users. When it comes to insurance, some EV policies offer coverage in the event of a breakdown if the battery is drained on the road.

  • Should I buy or rent an EV battery?

Some people choose to buy the car but lease the battery, as this can lower the overall cost. It can also bring peace of mind to drivers knowing that if they are leasing the battery and something goes wrong, it is the responsibility of the leasing company. However, most new electric vehicles are sold complete with battery thanks to improvements in battery technology.

  • How does the weather affect my EV?

Extreme weather conditions may impact battery performance and range may be reduced. However, you can still charge your car in bad weather or rainy weather.

See our complete guide to owning an electric vehicle here and compare car insurance quotes using our comparison tool here.

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