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This is the March 19 edition of the Daily Recap presented by JFQ Lending.

Ringo allowed to play

Georgia cornerback Kelee Ringo, who is recovering from a shoulder injury, was allowed to resume football activities. Ringo, a former five-star rookie, was unable to play a freshman after surgery to repair the injury.

Needless to say, Smart is happy that Ringo can train again.

“He’s okay to go and lucky for us now, not lucky then,” Smart said. “He could’ve done the repair to get some recovery time. But to think you’re going to sit down and not go over there and face a guy running at 21, 22 miles an hour and just walk over there and Just because you’re fast, you’re not.

Smart said Ringo was eager to make up for lost time.

“He’s got a lot to learn in our system, and you know what? He does not turn away from it. I think there has been a lot of hype around Kelee, and I think for him he has to work, ”said Smart. “He has to decide that” I’m going to work really hard, and I’m going to live up to my expectations and not those of others. “

Anderson glancing at the star

Adam anderson is adding a post to his responsibilities on defense.

Smart revealed that Anderson, an outside linebacker who has mostly seen rotation time in 2020, is also technically working with the high school.

“Adam is not a normal external donor. He does a lot of different things, ”Smart said. “He’s playing nickel / star for us now. He still plays away for some of us in the third down.

This is something from the former UGA coach Jim donnan revealed could happen on this week’s episode of UGASports Live.

Smart added that outside linebackers often have the same responsibilities as those who play the star, which makes Anderson a good candidate for the job.

“Basically, when you’re an outside funder, you’re a star. I know it’s really complicated, but in a 3-4 system you have two outside supports, ”said Smart. “Well, every snap that we play at 3-4 we have a star who is an outside support. Therefore, Mark Webb was an outside funder on 50 percent of the pictures. Well, that’s what Adam Anderson is.

“If you want to hustle him 50% of the time, would you rather hustle Mark Webb or Adam Anderson?” You have to build your defense around a structure of what you want to do. They both have great strengths, their strengths are different and we believe he can help us urgently.

Last season Anderson recorded 6.5 sacks which placed second on the list.

Carroll representative at cornerback

First-year student Lovasea Carroll has been work on cornerback at the start of spring practice. A four-star prospect, Carroll was originally recruited to play the running back. The depth of the running back combined with a lack of number of cornerbacks forced Smart to take that first step.

Whether it will hold up remains to be seen.

“It’s experimental,” Smart said. “We recruited him as a running back; we’re really deep in the running back position. He’s probably going to be a factor in our team on special teams. We think he’s really fast; he embraced the post. He made some good plays; he made a few bad plays.

“He hasn’t played in that position so put him there and put him on experienced broads and guys who have played football a lot, it’s probably not fair to him. But that’s how it is. that we grow up, and that’s how we get better. “

It was also something Donnan predicted could happen end of February episode of UGASports Live.

Baseball: Wagner ready to go against Tennessee

freshman pitcher Luc Wagner will start on Friday series opener against Tennessee. Wagner takes the start because CJ Smith is struggling with some arm pain.

Launcher friend Ryan webb is confident that Wagner will do the job.

“When I first saw him in the fall, what struck me was how calm he was,” Webb. “Every time he went out you had the same thing. He looked a lot like CJ, where he wasn’t too high and he wasn’t too low. He’s going to be perfect because he doesn’t let the moment get. too big for him. “

Speed ​​kills

A new team for AJ Green

Outside the vent

Will the State of Florida have a struggling to keep Nyjalik Kelly?

Ranking of how ACC programs have developed quarters.

Chazz Surratt is a rare player who from quarterback to linebacker.

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