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A white man shot 3 other white men during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A white jury acquitted the defending white man. People who cry racism or implicate it like BLM, Democrats, Biden and Lefty should be ashamed of diminishing the meaning of the word racism. Of course, it’s possible that their IQ is so low that they can’t figure out the meaning of the word.

Dan Champs

In addition to the massive new spending from the reconciliation bill, local officials Chrissy Houlahan and Madeleine Dean voted to give wealthier Americans tax relief by increasing the current and local tax deduction from $ 10,000 to $ 80,000. . To reach the $ 80,000 limit, a Pennsylvanian would have to have over $ 2 million in taxable income in a single year. Why? It’s a reward for their wealthy campaign donors from New York and California.

Robert minninger

Lefty posted on November 22 that he wanted Joseph Rosenbaum to rest in peace. Frankly, I don’t hope so, I hope he is suffering in hell. He violently raped 5 boys aged 9 to 11. He was shouting racial epithets at African Americans during the Kenosha riot. By attacking Kyle Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum got what he deserved.

Ruth whispers

How is this multibillion dollar monstrosity of progressive pork taxes and spending not an economic takeover of the US economy? This degree of expansion in the size of the federal government – the largest in US history – is certainly not what our founders wanted. In fact, that’s what they warned us about! It is outright socialism. How did 81 million people leave their brains at home when they voted last year?


To the sweeping offers of the Republican sound wondering why people always mention Trump. A recent morning consultation poll found that 82% of radical Republicans viewed the former president favorably and 67% of radical Republicans want him to run for president in 2024. So don’t think about our sharing of the facts on the president as a step backwards, but really getting ahead of the curve in order to be informed of the facts for 2024. An informed electorate is crucial for a large county.


Denying funds to public schools that advance cultural Marxism, that is, equity, would it be too heavy a burden for Republican lawmakers? Probably. School boards populated by ideologists will have to be uprooted locally. However, public colleges and universities offer a unique opportunity. If taxpayer funding was tied to the assumption of all risks of non-payment of student loans by universities, study programs conducive to poor employment prospects and hence to default rates of high loans, would probably disappear.

Mr. Furlong

Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate are using $ 270,000 of taxpayer money to pay an Iowa consulting firm to assess the electoral process in Pennsylvania. It was a non-tender job and the Pennsylvania Democrats had no role in the selection of the Iowa company. The president of the Iowa company donated to the Pennsylvania Republican Party. This is a real waste of our taxpayer’s money and has no bipartisan implications.

It took almost a full day for Joe Biden to wake up and issue a statement on the Waukesha, Wisconsin massacre, but only about an hour to respond to Rittenhouse’s verdict. Turns out Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm is a Democrat and the stupid Democrat lowered the bail for murderer Darrell Brooks to just $ 1,000 because Brooks couldn’t afford the higher bail.

Billy G.

A good steak pun is an example of a well-done rare medium.

Bill Wilson

Wow. Emily L. is of no use to veterans who come home with missing limbs. I had friends who didn’t survive Vietnam. I guess in his opinion they are even worse.

Answer, 11/16. A. Minninger, don’t you remember that a 4 page summary of the Mueller report was good enough for Bill Barr and Don the Con. Emily L.’s liberals did not vomit out the CRT, unlike Republicans, to distract from the Jan.6 inquiries. CRT is a college-level elective course that no one takes. JB in Limerick, remember he said “200,000 dead is better than 2 million dead”. Number of deaths on 11/17/2021 787 878. From

David M.

The Mercury reports that speed kills, it also lists the speed of drivers exceeding posted limits. Auto ads promote video, speed and cowboy driving. Why has nothing been done to stop these crazy ads?

Star light

On the same day that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of the murder of 2 white men, Andrew Coffee IV was also acquitted of the 2nd degree murder of a police officer and 3 counts of attempted murder in Florida. Mr. Coffee claimed self-defense when his home was raided by a SWAT team. This verdict has not been challenged by anyone, as Mr. Coffee is a convicted felon who happens to be black. I thought our system was racist.

Michael stern

How about losing all the talk about the DOJ arresting soccer moms for making noise at school board meetings? It’s just a far-right spin. They just want to distract from the very real threats of violence made by their supporters, to intimidate both school boards and election workers. The sad thing is that powerful influencers know it’s a lie and spread it anyway because it fits their agenda.

Robert Minninger, I didn’t hear you whine when Trump flew his 747 pretty much every week from Washington, DC, to Mar-a-Lago. Stop whining, you’re making me nauseous.

Kyle Rittenhouse caught a female drummer, a burglar and a pedophile overnight. This feat, from now on, will always be known as “The Kenosha Hat Trick”. You can thank the mainstream Democratic media for making this young man famous and (soon) extremely wealthy. Without them, the charges would have been dismissed and the case never went to trial. From the start, there was overwhelming evidence that Mr. Rittenhouse was defending himself.

Miss! Miss

Information Repository: “Loss spending” is simply spending money that you don’t have right now. If people are willing to give credit, you can get by until it’s time to pay the bill. This is not about “wealth confiscation” or inflation (although competition for borrowing can lead to increases in borrowing rates). BTW, didn’t you get the memo? Inflation is the fault of Biden and those Socialist Democrats. The GOP bears no blame at all, right?

Donald Trump pulls out a new picture book on the coffee table. Here are some comments on Twitter that I saw: I have to hurry up and buy some new pencils. It ends in Chapter 11. It can be found in the fiction section of your bookstore. His presidential “lie-brary” will be full of copies.

Bob from Boyertown, why didn’t you tell me you were going to see Pelosi at the Swingers Bar in Washington, DC? I would gladly have bought you a drink. I wouldn’t make you wear a mask as long as you have all your pictures. Show me your card and we’ll hang out with the politicians at the bar.

Grandpa Lee

The bar is so low for Kamala Harris that when she ignores or attempts and fails to fulfill her responsibilities as Vice President of the United States, the Progressive Democrats and their mainstream media machine simply comment, “So proud of your experience “. It’s like rewarding your puppy with a treat every time he doesn’t do a number 2 on the living room rug.


In Bradford, Pa., All the staff at a McDonald’s quit because they didn’t like the wages and working conditions. In the past, before the Liberals took power, this kind of insubordination was illegal. It is against the national interest for people to simply quit their jobs. It disrupts the economy. Our brave soldiers can’t just decide they don’t want to work anymore; why should essential fast food workers be allowed time off?

J Swift

Robin must have a really exciting home. Can someone tell me what a “big” cake is? Is this cake named after a rapper / singer? Robin may think we care about Biden’s party. I do not. Democrats in 2021 destroy the nation. You are celebrating. We cry.

Bob from Boyertown

I recently heard that the majority of new archaeologists are women. Ladies have been found to have a natural ability to “dig up the past”.

Jim fitch

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