Those who feed stray dogs could be held liable if dogs attack people, Supreme Court says

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court has observed that those who feed stray dogs could be held liable if the canines attack people. The Supreme Court also said these people should be held responsible for vaccinating stray dogs.

The court further said that stray dog ​​feeders should also be required to bear the cost of treatment if stray dogs bite people. The court also highlighted the need to find a solution to the threat of stray dogs.

The court observation comes during the hearing of a petition regarding the threat of stray dogs in Kerala. The case is being heard by a bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and JK Maheshwari, according to a PTI report.

While making an oral observation, Judge Khanna said he was also a dog lover and suggested that people who feed strays could possibly keep a number or mark on the dog they feed.

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“These dog feeders will be responsible for vaccination and will bear the costs if a person is attacked,” Judge Khanna said. The court said it was necessary to strike a balance between people feeding stray dogs and protecting innocent people who are attacked by stray dogs.

The bench also observed that we have to accept that there is a stray dog ​​problem. “Dogs can sometimes become aggressive due to lack of food or contract an infection. Dogs infected with rabies could be placed in a care center by the authorities concerned,” observed the court.

Lawyer VK Biju representing the Kerala government told the Supreme Court that eight people had died since August. He told the court that schoolchildren and women were attacked by aggressive dogs in public places. The lawyer also pointed to the recent death of a 12-year-old victim in Kerala.
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Biju cited the 2015 order of the Kerala High Court to cull stray dogs in accordance with the laws of the local body. The court has set September 28 as the next hearing date in the case.

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