Tories snap up Ruth Davidson as Douglas Ross ‘liability’ in Scottish council election campaign

The Tories have been accused of waging a ‘failing’ election strategy as the party increasingly makes Ruth Davidson the face of the campaign.

SNP MP Pete Wishart slammed the Tories for ‘drafting an unelected Tory baroness to give her some electoral credibility’.

Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links has increasingly become a figurehead in the Conservative election campaign.

It comes as a recent Panelbase poll suggested Douglas Ross’ party should be pushed into third place by Labour.

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Election Specialist John Curtice said the results suggest the Tory leader could face a “serious challenge” from Labour.

Perth and North Perthshire MP Pete Wishart said Ross was now seen as a “responsibility and a burden” on the party.

Wishart told The National: “That tells you everything you need to know about this failing Tory campaign that they have to write into an unelected Tory baroness to give her some electoral credibility.

Ruth Davidson has increasingly taken a prominent role in the Conservative campaign

“Douglas Ross is now seen as a liability and a burden on the cause of Scottish Toryism due to the embarrassing about-face of backing the Prime Minister after he rightly said he should go through partygate.

“Unfortunately for the Scottish Conservatives, they will forever be linked to their British Prime Minister, whoever they put on their posters and leaflets.”

The National: Pete Wishart says Scottish Conservative election campaign Pete Wishart says Scottish Conservative election campaign is ‘failing’

The MP also responded to a Conservative election poster with Davidson’s picture on it, saying: ”Vote Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives. Nobody else. Certainly not the one that can no longer be quoted…’ Fantastic.’

The former leader has become a high-profile campaigner in recent days ahead of Thursday’s council vote, with mention of Davidson increasing dramatically on the party’s social media.

The Scottish Conservative Twitter account alone has shared posts mentioning Davidson 17 times in the past two days alone.

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Davidson has urged pro-Union voters to give the Conservatives their vote, saying Nicola Sturgeon is treating Scots like “fools” over the ferry scandal.

She said: “The failing record of Nicola Sturgeon and her candidates is on the ballot this Thursday.

“They left Glasgow dirtier than ever. They let drug deaths soar in Dundee. They have plans to make commuting to work incredibly expensive in our capital.

“Don’t reward the SNP for failing. Go to the polls on Thursday and teach them a lesson.”

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