Two new driving laws set to be launched from January – Auto insurance and traffic law updates

New car insurance rules have already taken effect on New Year’s Day, while a massive overhaul of the highway code is slated for just under four weeks. Other driving laws set to roll out in 2022 include tougher rules on cellphones, new Clean Air Zone fees, and in-car speed limiters.

Auto Insurance Rules Changes – January 1

New changes from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have banned companies from treading on price, gradually increasing costs for existing customers,

The issue was highlighted in the FCA September 2020 market research and is one of the most significant updates of the year.

FCA estimates that these changes could save policyholders £ 4.2bn over 10 years and help the market to function better ”.

However, budget offers for new customers are likely to be completely reduced as a result of updates.

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New rules of the highway code – January 29

Later this month, the highway code will face a massive overhaul with a series of new directives introduced,

Most important is a new “road user hierarchy” system which will see additional safety precautions introduced for pedestrians and cyclists.

This will mean that drivers will have the greatest responsibility for keeping the roads safe at all times.

The change in the hierarchy of road users was supported by the majority of those who participated in a government consultation.

“Christmas and New Years are a busy time for everyone.

“Therefore, we want to make sure that motorists are aware of this new set of rules as there are changes in the hierarchy for road users, the priorities of pedestrians as well as the priority for cyclists and riders when cars are turning or at intersections.

“We recommend that all motorists keep themselves informed of changes to the highway code to ensure their safety as the government is putting more pressure on motorists by declaring that the responsibility lies with” road users who may do the most harm “.

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