Uinsure launches property and owner liability tools

Insurance fintech Uinsure has launched two new services, meaning brokers can now offer homeowner’s insurance and liability insurance for traders and professionals on its platform.

The company says its hub services can protect landlords who need coverage for multiple properties, commercial rentals and apartment buildings, while also having the ability to cite public and employer liability for more. of 500 different types of businesses.

He adds that this coverage can be applied in less than 90 seconds thanks to his new service.

Uinsure’s Chief Commercial Officer, Martin Schultheiss, said: “Uinsure’s new property owners and commercial and business travel have been developed using our cutting-edge technology to simplify traditionally more time-consuming applications.

“And now, for the first time, advisors can purchase online in the same way as standard home insurance.

“After launching a pilot project, we had resounding feedback that made it clear that the new journeys allowed partners to expand their own offerings and convert policies they previously wouldn’t have considered after a simple product training.

“This new feature will not only generate additional revenue for advisors, but will reinforce our belief that Uinsure continuously offers and develops the most effective solutions for all things general insurance.”

Uinsure adds that it runs training workshops for brokers who want to grow into general insurance.

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