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Motorists Should Go Through The Policies Before Purchasing Insurance Coverage

Posted: Thu Jan 6, 2022, 8:31 AM

Last update: Thu Jan 6, 2022, 9:24 AM

Individual car owners who have purchased comprehensive insurance policies can claim damage caused by the rains in the UAE.

The country’s insurance industry executives have said third-party insurance policies do not cover damage to cars caused by rain. They asked motorists to review the policies before purchasing insurance coverage.

Anas Mistareehi, COO at Al Wathba National Insurance Co., said rain-related claims are generally covered in accordance with the unified auto insurance policy issued and effective from 2017.

Anas Mistareehi

Anas Mistareehi

He said that unless authorities declare the situation as a natural disaster, the claim is covered depending on the type of insurance chosen by the motorist.

“Comprehensive auto insurance covers rain damage to your vehicle, depending on the cause. Comprehensive auto insurance is generally optional, although we suggest that you opt for coverage for a wider range of benefits and many cover inclusions. Automobile liability insurance does not provide any kind of coverage against natural disasters such as rain damage, ”Mistareehi said.

The UAE receives an average of 100mm of precipitation annually. Following the heavy rains seen in the United Arab Emirates over the past week, many vehicles were damaged or submerged in the basement parking lot.


Vinisha Khiara

Vinisha Khiara

Vinisha Khiara, director of operations, Al Sayegh Insurance Brokers LLC, said a comprehensive auto insurance policy would generally cover damage to the vehicle due to rain or flooding, unless the policy specifically excludes it.

“Vehicle owners should check the policy exclusions before purchasing insurance coverage. They should check if rain damage, flood damage, water damage, acts of God / natural disasters are not mentioned in the exclusions, ”she said, rain is generally considered to be an unexpected or unforeseen event.

She pointed out that rain-related damage or any kind of property damage to own vehicle is not covered by car liability insurance, as this policy covers death or bodily injury of any third party / person and damages to the property of third parties resulting from the use of the vehicle.

Commercial vehicles

Khiara said some insurers cover rain damage for commercial vehicles, therefore the vehicle owner should check the exclusions before purchasing the coverage. “They should ask the insurance company / broker to include extension of natural disasters in the policy.”

Anas Mistareehi said if the coverage is complete, the losses are also expected to extend to adverse weather events for commercial vehicles. However, he advised car owners to read their policies carefully.

“By opting for comprehensive auto insurance from trusted insurers, you can ensure your safety and that of your vehicle in the event of unexpected rain,” he added.

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