[WATCH] Out!! Hippo pulls out the mickey from a particular car insurer

A clever ad for insurance comparison site Hippo might not appeal to just one insurance company…

Think Creative Africa’s Zetu Damane shares his advertising heroes and zeros on The Money Show.

Each week, Bruce Whitfield asks a branding and advertising expert to share the week’s advertising “heroes” or “zeroes” on The Money Show.

This week, Zetu Damane (Chief Strategic Officer at Think Creative Africa) chose a TV ad for Hippo as its hero.

Screenshot of Hippo car insurance ad on YouTube

The insurance comparison website provides car owners with quotes from 11 different insurers.

His new announcement seems to touch Outsurance.

“Out!” orders the client when the hippo in the backseat warns her that the insurance agent talking to her doesn’t provide enough information.

If you define competitive advertising as advertising in which you name your competitor, we are not allowed to do this, but if you define it as advertising in which you compare with someone else… you have the right, and in fact in South Africa we do it quite a bit.

Zetu Damane, Chief Strategy Officer – Think Creative Africa

[In this ad]…they don’t name anyone, but it’s very clear who they’re talking about… Obviously, this is a parody of Outsurance’s very successful ad campaigns…

Bruce Whitfield, host of The Money Show

It’s “delicious” advertising Damane says, also considering that it’s not really about comparative advertising because Hippo doesn’t compete with Outsurance.

What Hippo wants is Outsurance on the platform, but they manage to get across that it’s always better to compare… and obviously compare on the Hippo site.

Zetu Damane, Chief Strategy Officer – Think Creative Africa

Watch the ad below (and scroll to the top of the article to listen to Damane’s ad reviews)

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